Consulting Surveyors of Manitoba (CSM) is a registered organization of private practice land surveying firms, formed to provide support to the profession of land surveying, so that it may better serve its members and the public. All members are registered and licenced by the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors and are fully insured. The land surveying industry is strategically important in the management and protection of the cadastral survey fabric, which is the foundation of all real estate, the Property Registry system, the subdivision and Planning process, and to the protection of the public as it relates to these activities.

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One of CSM’s prime purposes is to advance the understanding of our members services through initiatives to various levels of government, as well as regulatory agencies.
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Monument Restoration Program

Established in 1998 the monument restoration program’s primary function is to assist Manitoba municipalities, cities and towns with the costs of re-establishment of survey monumentation infrastructure…
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